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Key Links C1/C2 SB

H. Q. Mitchell, Marileni Malkogianni

ISBN: 9786180561531

Keel: English

Kirjastus: MM Publications

Ilmumisaasta: 2023

Maht: 231

Key Links C1/C2 is a brand-new course following the latest requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference and smoothly taking learners from B2 to C2 level.

• Motivating and contemporary topics related to learners’ lives and interests
• An integrated approach to the development of the four skills
• Special emphasis on vocabulary building
• Grammar presented and practiced in context
• Systematic development of reading and listening skills and subskills
• A variety of speaking tasks preparing learners for examinations and also for the real world
• A step-by-step approach to writing
• Activities encouraging critical thinking and personal response
• Practical tips helping students to cope with examination and real-life tasks
• A two-page review section in each module featuring examination tasks
• Documentary-style videos providing a link to the real world
• A grammar reference section
• A digital vocabulary list
• Full-colour Workbook including additional reading, listening and Use of English tasks
• Companion including exercises for additional practice in Vocabulary
• Teacher’s Book including justification of answers for reading and listening tasks and suggested answers for speaking and writing tasks
• Interactive Whiteboard Material including videos, justification of answers and suggested answers
• Teacher’s Digital Resources including supplementary material for extra practice and tests

Tarne 2-5 päeva


9 laos


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