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The Krays: The Geordie Connection

Steve Wraith, Stuart Wheatman

ISBN: 9780330437509

Keel: English

Kirjastus: Pan Macmillan

Ilmumisaasta: 2003

Maht: 239 pages

Steve Wraith first heard about the Krays when, aged ten, he watched a funeral on the teatime television news with his parents. He followed up his interest by reading books and after seeing the Kray film he discovered where they were ’living’ and wrote to them in prison. They wrote back and in time Steve became friends with all three brothers, becoming one of the ’chaps’ and helping the brothers in many ways. He checked out business deals, sold merchandise, represented the brothers in the media and ran Kray parties. The Krays: The Geordie Connection is about the Krays in the 1990s, at the end of their lives. It examines Charlie’s conviction for drug dealing, asking if he was set up. What happened when the Krays visited Tyneside and the North-East? Were the Krays connected to organized crime there? How did the Krays and the Richardsons reconcile their differences with a meeting organized inside Maidstone Prison?

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