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Why Not me?

Al Franken

ISBN: 9780141018423

Keel: English

Kirjastus: Penguin Books

Ilmumisaasta: 2004

Maht: 304 pages

Join outrageous satirist Al Franken on the campaign trail, as he imagines just what would happen if the American people lost all sense of reason and voted him into office. Meet President Al’s dream team, including his loyal wife, Franny, disgraced foot-fetishist Dick Morris and his alcoholic brother, Otto, who eliminates political rivals by hitting them with a large board. Go behind the scenes of the Franken campaign, as he stuns the pundits by sweeping into office with his visionary ’lower ATM fees’ campaign. Witness triumph turn to tragedy, as the new leader makes the ill-advised decision to have himself cloned and descends into a bedridden hell of depression, self-loathing, TV movies and prescription drugs. Cringe as the Joint Committee on the President’s Mood Swings releases his secret personal diaries to the public, disclosing the embarrasing truth about the pay-offs, the hookers, the lesbian-sex phone line… Why Not Me? Is a riotous lampoon on the improbable rise and scandalous downfall of a man who believed anyone could become President – and paid the price of proving he was right.

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