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Board Games + CD

James Butler

ISBN: 9788877545602

Keel: English

Kirjastus: Black Cat Publishing

Ilmumisaasta: 2000

Maht: 112 pages

Sari: ESP Readers

Arthur Mowbray is the brilliant inventor of the Mowbay Murder game, and head of the company that bears his name. When his body is discovered in the dining room of his country home, Inspector Barry Ainsworth is sent to investigate the crime. The Inspector knows that the murderer is one of the company directors and in order to solve the crime he has to learn the truth about the Mowbary company and the fierce rivalry which exists between the directors. Taking the form of a classic mystery thriller, the narrative is fast-moving and entertaining. The dorriers are designed to illustrate some of the business arguments that are essential to understanding the story and solving the mystery. There is also a wide range of stimulating activities including FCE-style exercises for students to gain valuable exam-style practice.

Tarne 2-5 päeva


2 laos


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