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ISBN: 9780194111102

Keel: English

Kirjastus: Oxford UP

Ilmumisaasta: 2018

Maht: Mixed media product

Sari: BRIGHT IDEAS Level 3

What do we like about school? How do we have fun? How are people and animals different? With a strong focus on the development of reading and writing skills through interactive learning, Bright Ideas Level 1 offers extensive exam and literacy support with the benefit of innovative content and familiar topics. Using ´Big Questions´ to challenge students and promote the development of 21st century skills in areas such as critical thinking, the course links the classroom with the ´real world´ and encourages the sharing of ideas through communication and collaboration. The comprehensive package of integrated print and digital material challenges traditional methods of learning with exciting new resources and activities that are adaptable to all teaching situations.

Tarne 2-5 päeva



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