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HEADWAY 5TH ED. Upper – Intermediate Teachers Guide with TRC

 Liz and John Soars

ISBN: 9780194539906

Keel: English

Kirjastus: Oxford UP

Ilmumisaasta: 2019

Maht: Mixed media format

Sari: HEADWAY 5TH ED. Upper - Intermediate

Headway 5th Edition A six-level course for Adult and Young adult learners Trusted worldwide. Inspired by you. Building on proven methodology and a trusted syllabus, the 5th Edition of the popular Headway series has been updated to remain relevant to today’s English learners. With new texts, topics and digital resources, this edition provides fresh and relevant English instruction that is tailored to your students’ needs. The Teacher´s Guide with Teacher´s Resource Centre provides all teaching resources in one place, as well as a Learning Management System to track the progress students are making on Online Practice.

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