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LIFE VISION Intermediate B1+ Teacher´s Guide with Digital Pack

Amanda Begg

ISBN: 9780194080859

Kirjastus: Oxford UP

Ilmumisaasta: 2022

Sari: LIFE VISION Intermediate B1+

Life Vision helps students gain the language and skills they need to work out where they want to go next, and how exam success will help them take advantage of the global opportunities that proficiency in English brings.
each. Practice. Track. Assess. The Teacher’s Guide with Digital Pack give you everything you need to create flexible lessons that work for your students.

Life Vision includes an Assessment for Learning approach in the teaching notes, workbook review lessons and tests to enable teachers to give informal assessment and effective feedback, and to help learners to analyse and accelerate their progress.

Professional Development support helps you get started with Life Vision. Watch video tutorials to set up your course, access focus and position papers for expert advice and bite sized guidance on key issues and take short professional development modules for an introduction to key methodologies for your course.

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