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NEW SUCCESS Elementary Teachers Book + DVD-ROM

Jo Kent,Bob Hastings,Rod Fricker

ISBN: 9781408297087

Kirjastus: Pearson

Ilmumisaasta: 2012

Sari: NEW SUCCESS Elementary

New Success retains its best features of Success and is brought up-to-date with refreshed material. An ambitious, traditional but adult-feel course that has a more academic environment and aims at high level school-leaving exams that enable entry into University.

With the same unit organisation and methodology as Success but with new material for reading and listening, New Success can be covered in one academic year at this level in Upper Secondary.

12 thematic units each consisting of 8 pages
Each unit clearly divided into sections (Grammar and Listening, Reading and Vocabulary, Vocabulary, Listening and Speaking, Writing)
Exam Revision every 2 units
End matter
– Student Activities for information-gap exercises

– Culture Shocks (three lessons based around different aspects of British culture)

– Wordlists with a phonetic transcription

ActiveBook – a digital version of the Students’ Book with full audio and video and interactive activities

Tarne 2-5 päeva


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