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Tiziana Cignatta

ISBN: 9788853005748


Kirjastus: Cideb

Ilmumisaasta: 2008

Maht: 160

Sari: Français de specialité

Rue Mouffetard develops and consolidates the vocabulary related to food and hospitality. Inspired by the streets of Paris, famous for their shops and bistrots, the book leads students through the discovery of a lexical and gastronomic wealth, contained in the shops of Rue Mouffetard, and in the French language. The cultural aspect is closely linked to the linguistic one and learning vocabulary becomes the common theme whilst getting to know a real Parisian neighbourhood. It is Michel, a boy who lives in Rue Mouffetard, who takes us on a guided tour in search of the ingredients for a large and tasty meal: from fruit and vegetаbles to fish, from meat to herbs and spices, from bread to cheese, from wine to dessert. Inside each shop – which is the basis of a unit – a wide-ranging ѕelection of exercises allows students to put into practice the lexical sets presented visually, thanks to a rich display of pictures. At Michel’s house, the students can observe the eating habits of the French and also the various stages in the preparation of an excellent meal! Then, in a restaurant and in a characteristic Parisian cafè, the students discover how to write a menu, the names of the materials, equipment, courses and drinks, and learn figurative expressions and interesting facts about the vocabulary. And finally, we drop in À la Libraire La Mouff, to learn a few false friends and look at regional gastronomy and a series of short texts on the topic.

Tarne 2-5 päeva


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