Our products and prices

Since 2000, our web store ExLibris sells language textbooks and language learning materials for learning English, German, Russian, French, Greek, Italian and other languages as well as adapted(simplified) materials for home reading

In the new version of our web store we also sell:

  1. Various books for reading: literature, art books, memoirs, biographies, books on business, economy etc.
  2. Books published in our own Publishing house.
  3. Used textbooks and books.
  4. E-books and audiobooks.

NB! In the sale section you can purchase books and textbooks for a very favourable price.

The prices and discounts in ExLibris web store and Dialoog stores in Tartu and Narva may vary.
Purchased books must be paid for in advance and then you need to wait until your order is delivered to you.

If the client is a state educational institution then advance payment is not required, the payment will be done after delivery.

If your school wishes to familiarize themselves with our books in your own school, please, let us know of your request and tell us about the books and topics which interest you, your colleagues or your students. We will agree upon a time and bring the books to your school.