Rights and obligations of ExLibris

  1. ExLibris has the right to change these general ordering terms without prior notice by publishing the new valid terms in the internet environment.
  2. ExLibris has the right to change the price list of the e-shop at any time without prior notice by publishing the new price list in the internet environment.
  3. In case the customer does not fulfil the obligations imposed on it by these general ordering terms, ExLibris does not guarantee that the order will come into force and/or that the product will be sent properly.
  4. ExLibris reserves the right to cancel the products from the order, if these are out of print at the publishing house. In this case ExLibris will contact the customer and immediately return the money to the customer’s bank account or offer the customer an alternative product.
  5. ExLibris reserves the right to cancel the order, if the customer has outstanding invoices more than 3 days late. Upon cancellation, a notification will be sent to the customer.
  6. ExLibris undertakes to deliver complete and undamaged products to the customer.
  7. ExLibris undertakes to deliver the ordered books to the customer free of charge, if the purchase amount is over 150 euros.
  8. ExLibris undertakes to resolve the customer’s claim, if the reasons for the claim are beyond the control of the customer. If the reason for the claim has been caused by the customer, the customer should eliminate it immediately.
  9. ExLibris undertakes to replace scrap copies of the products. ExLibris is only responsible for manufacturing faults and other defects that were present when the product was handed over to the customer.
  10. All disputes between the parties will be settled by negotiations. If an agreement is not reached and the customer wishes to continue filing a complaint, the customer has the right of appeal.
  11. The e-shop is obliged to provide the customer with the opportunity to submit an application for withdrawal from the order by using the standard form of application for withdrawal, which is available on the following website: