Cooperation with educational institutions

An educational institution which is a legal entity has several advantages comparing with an individual: a legal entity has the opportunity to make a books’ order in the ExLibris online store, can specify and modify the order before the certain deadline, and can pay the bill when it receives ordered items.

For over 20 years, educational institutions such as kindergardens, primary and secondary schools, gymnasiums, vocational-technical schools, colleges, institutes, and universities, as well as private educational centers, language schools, and courses, have been cooperating with us.

The ExLibris online store is always ready to cooperate with new educational institutions. We are open to cooperation with those who have worked with us and later, having recognized the advantages of Dialoog, decided to return.

Our experience shows that the most popular orders are English and German language textbooks. We offer products from the world’s most popular publishers of English textbooks, such as Oxford UP, Pearson, Cambridge UP. For German textbooks, we have partnerships with two main German publishers: HueberVerlag and KLettVerlag. In addition to English and German study materials, you can also buy from us books for learning such languages as Estonian, Latvian, French, Russian, Finnish, Italian, and others.

Our products are significantly different in terms of cost compared to offerings from other sellers because we are not intermediaries, but we work directly with publishers. Moreover, for some publishers, we are their only ones official representatives in Estonia.

When does an educational institution have to order textbooks so that they arrive at the school before the students come there?

If a school receives government funding from the Ministry of Education and Research, then the school’s orders are placed almost a year before the start of the new academic year: in October-November for the spring or August of the following year. Sometimes orders are also received in February-April after the approval of municipal budgets. We get the last orders for the new academic year in May and early June, and on the eve of Jaan’s Day, we send the orders to foreign publishers, knowing that the books will be delivered to Estonia in August, and by the end of August, schools will receive the ordered products.

We cannot guarantee the delivery of textbooks ordered during the summer vacation period and the September rush of work by the start of the academic year.

We are waiting for your order for the new academic year till the June 20th!

How to order textbooks and how to pay for them? First of all, you have to register, write the name of the educational institution, its registration number, address, phone number, e-mail, and write all the details of the person representing the educational institution and making the book order. When ordering books, you have to choose whether you are making an order or a purchase bill, and specify the payer by writing all the necessary registration information into the system. If you are making an order in fall or winter, you have the opportunity to change the order by reducing or increasing the quantity of ordered books and attach the payer’s information to the order before the June 20th.

When books arrive to our warehouses, we inform the Customer and prepare bills for payment.

Educational institutions can choose the payment term for the bill, but it can’t be more than 30 days from the delivery date entered by you.

If you have two payers, you have to make two separate orders for different payers: for example, one for the city administration’s education department and the other for the school students. The second order has a separate list in addition: student’s name, payer’s name, and their details – e-mail and phone number, based on which we will make a bill to the payer. After the students pay the bills, the books with the name of the person who has made the order, will be delivered to the school by the specified date.

If an educational institution hasn’t had a chance to change the quantity of ordered textbooks, it should immediately inform us about the reduction of their quantity and return excess books. We accept for returns books that are unsigned, with unprinted codes, and suitable for further sale.

Choosing new textbooks to replace the old ones is not an easy task. We would be happy to show our assortment, and you can get acquainted with the books at our Dialoog offices in Narva and Tartu.

1. Turu 9, 51004 Tartu

2. Kreenholmi 3, 20304 Narva

However, if you can’t visit us, please let us know, and we can send you the best textbooks of the required level for your review for two weeks. Write to us and we will help you: