Cooperation with authors

As you know, publishing books is the domain of publishing houses, but sometimes, happens that a portion of the print run, and occasionally the entire run, ends up in the hands of the author. This most often occurs when, after receiving a rejection for funding the publication, the writer publishes the book using their own resources. By covering the expenses of the publishing house and the printing press, he/she hopes to recoup these costs and may even earn fees from the sales of their book.

Sometimes, the author retains author’s copies generously provided by the publisher, and if the author has given away a certain number among friends and family, he/she may want to put the remaining copies up for sale.

And in this situation, it turns out that large retail chains are unwilling to sell products from individuals; and if they do agree, the price of this book is doubled.

For products offered for sale by the authors themselves, ExLibris applies a minimum markup of 20%. Doing so, we promote your book and organize events for authors to meet readers.

Cooperation is based on a contract.

Write to us: [email protected].