Cooperation with publishers

In our online store ExLibris, there are presented products from 75 publishers.

We are always ready to expand our network of suppliers if their products meet the needs of our customers, have an international book code, are in a saleable condition, and their content doesn’t promote war, violence, drugs, pornography, interethnic strife, racism, and ethnic humiliation.

We are ready to cooperate with both popular publishers and newcomers.

To offer cooperation, please send us an email to the address [email protected], providing a brief overview of publishing house, describing your products, their range, prices, and delivery times.

Books purchased by our store from the supplier are the property of the store and can be discounted by the store at its discretion, to any extent.

Books taken on a commission sale are discounted only with the supplier’s consent.

Products bought from the publisher can only be returned with the publisher’s consent.

Products taken on commission sale can either be sold, have their selling period extended, or be returned to the supplier upon the expiration of the selling period.

For the purpose of advertising and promoting the products of our partners, ExLibris places publishers’ banners and their products in the store, organizes meetings with authors, online seminars, and conferences for readers, as well as sells books from specific publishers and themes during teacher conference days.

We are waiting for cooperation offers to e-mail address [email protected].