ExLibris delivers your order based on the chosen delivery method.

  1. The most common method is via Omniva or SmartPost parcel terminal, in which case the client can have the order delivered to a parcel terminal near their home or work. The code to get the order from the parcel terminal will be sent via SMS to their phone.
  2. By Cargo courier, which delivers the order to the address indicated in the web store registration form.
  3. Delivery via post is rare, usually done if the customer lives in a different country. In this case the customer will get a notice when the order arrives and can go pick it up in the post office.
  4. When ordering electronic goods, payment of postage costs is a service charge for the order.

ExLibris offers the possibility to order products outside Estonia. Depending on the country the delivery takes 10-30 workdays. Delivery outside Estonia takes place via post and its cost is dependent on the country of destination as well as the quantity of the order. For delivery into another country exlibris will issue the client a separate invoice for transport and the order will be dispatched after the invoice has been paid.


  1. Our client can withdraw partially or fully from the order and return the products within 14 days of receiving them.
  2. In case of a defect by the publisher return within 6 months is allowed.