Privacy policy

  1. ExLibris collects personal data to provide service through the e-shop, to ensure the delivery of orders and the fulfilment of obligations to the customer. We consider contact data, specifically the customer’s name/company name, phone number, e-mail address and postal address as the customer’s personal data.
  2. Customers can see, change and supplement their personal data on the e-shop site. If desired, it is possible to delete data from the database. The customer can do it himself/herself or ask ExLibris employee about it at
  3. ExLibris does not forward collected personal data to third parties.
  4. ExLibris takes all precautions, including both administrative and technical, to protect the customer’s personal data. Access to data modification and processing is only available to authorized persons who have been notified of the responsibility for data confidentiality.
  5. The customer’s personal and purchase data are stored in ExLibris shop for 10 years from the last use of the account and the personal data will be automatically deleted after the specified deadline. Personal data will be deleted before the specified deadline, if the customer of ExLibris shop submits a relevant request to ExLibris.
  6. Please contact at e-mail address with the questions about privacy policy.

We wish you good purchases and interesting discoveries in ExLibris e-shop!